Bringing Power Through Peace & Unity Within the Melanated Community

Primary Causes:

- Providing Multiple Mediums for the Positive Exhibition, Marketing, and Unification of Black, Brown, and Non-European Entrepreneurs.

- Fostering an Environment of Empowerment, Economic Security & Public Awareness.

- Offering Tangible References to the Youth & the Community, as a Whole, of the Living Greatness Amongst Our Own.

- Creating a Vast Network of Platforms for Melanated Journalism, Arts, Spirituality, Positivity & Intellectual Expression.

Main Objectives:

- Manifesting the Largest, Most Voluntarily, Copied Global Directory Network of Melanated Businesses.

- Establishing a Profound Amount of Interconnected Digital & Streaming Platforms for Showcasing Melanated Businesses, Owners, Services, Products & Intellect.

- Building Our Own Global Melanated Marketplace That We Share, Instead of Temporarily Renting Minuscule Market Shares, While Building a Melanated First Community.

- Eliminating the Financial Barriers of Entry Level and Sustainable Advertising & Marketing for the Duration of the Business' life.

- Retaining Melanated Wealth in the Melanated Community.

The Need for Unity and Economic Empowerment

Black Americans have historically faced challenges in thriving within the U.S. market conditions due to a lack of community economics. Research has shown that economic disparities persist, and there is a need for collective action to address these issues.

Partnering with's Power Through Peace Initiative

To support the Power Through Peace Initiative, offers a partnership opportunity for Black-owned businesses. By becoming a Selling Partner with the Power Through Peace & Unity Store, businesses can benefit from increased visibility and marketing without the hassle of pre-fulfillment of orders or wholesale haggling.

How to Join the Power Through Peace Initiative:

- Own your own website and link to the Power Through Peace & Unity Store, in addition to this directory.

- If you do not have a website, partners are available to assist you with securing ownership for less than $50 a year.

- List your products everywhere the Power Through Peace & Unity Store is hosted for a nominal fee, with your company's branding and pricing managed by you.

Benefits of Partnering:

- Your company becomes part of an active movement that prioritizes building tangible assets for our Own Community in the present, with sustainability for future generations.

- Access to a network of Cooperative Partners and increased distribution for your products.

- Support in navigating challenges such as censorship for your opinions, views, and business practices.

-Joint and Cross Marketing Opportunities

Current Initiatives 

"POWER comes in response to need NOT DESIRE"

A safe space for Black owned businesses to thrive.

A Community fostering the embodiment of building Black owned initiatives and tangible assets. 

A private meeting place to collaborate and build with black entrepreneurs. 

From Idea to Implementation

A platform that provides tools and services for entrepreneurs and companies inclusive of overhead reduction and business expansion strategies.