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Hello Global Black Owned Corporation Builders,

First and foremost, I would invite you to join my group 1kx1k! The purpose of this Group is to bring together those who want to group invest into a similar project for the benefit of Our Community first. You can join this group 1kx1k on ourblacktruth.net

We discuss industries where We are under-represented and the Largest Consumers. I believe if we can start to document the industries where we are already investing into without a return, because we are the Consumer, it can be a natural flow of energy in the brainstorming process. The group is growing. Look forward to our next Group Meeting time. Come with your list of what you believe should be some of the options to explore creating corporations around.

I am so excited to see everyone's input. Let's Build!

Together We Are Stronger,

Faith Hope

Looking To Collaborate With Like Minded Individuals?

Provide A Brief Overview Here!

Who: BlackBrownBeautiful.com

Contact: collabs@blackbrownbeautiful.com

What: Currently collaborating with Journalists, Creatives, Poets, Visionaries and Scholars whom are interested in becoming a part of a collective of black owned media platforms. Those interested would be responsible for a particular section of the digital magazine and will have the opportunity to earn commissions for the paid advertisements secured in their assigned section.