The Power Through Peace & Unity Initiative

The Power Through Peace & Unity Initiative encompasses key components of  both the Primary Causes and Main Objectives of and Faith Hope, the Directory's Creator.  The Power Through Peace & Unity Store is a prime example of an interconnected digital & streaming platform solely for the purpose of showcasing businesses, owners, services, products & intellect of those categorized, in the United States of America and abroad as, Black, African-American, Afro-Descendent or any other term used to distinguish or separate Us from equal, scalable and sustainable economical, sociological and generational prosperity. 

Because of the tremendous obstacles which face the vast majority of Native Blacks to create generational wealth, due in large part to non-ownership of universal assets and capitalistic financial lending rules the Power Through Peace & Power Initiative is required. 

The current system that we are subjected to suppresses not only the disbursal of funds towards Native Black business ownership but it also restricts the amount of funds that are provided based upon the current income level of the human applying for the funds.  These restrictions also interchangeably suppress the Native Blacks in all aspects of our daily lives, as the cost of living and inflation continue to rise and the wages remaining locked in place. The debt to income ratio of most are considered horrendous at best. Even with no missed or late payments on the credit history of the Native Blacks applying for these loans with the best of preparations, the collateral and documented market particulars, the distribution of funds is based guessed it; what does your Current Employer believe you are worth an hour, in their organization?

This is one of the many reasons why The Power Through Peace & Unity Initiative is actively manifesting Our Own Global Melanated Marketplace that we share to eliminate the financial barriers of entry level and sustainable marketing for the duration of the Melanated Business' life.

We are on a mission to make sure every single person who wants to shop Black Owned, can do just that. We don't ask for a cut of your profit or to control your business structure. However, it is a requirement that you own your own website and are willing to link to the Power Through Peace & Unity Store, in addition to our Cooperative Partners. If you do not have a website no worries, we have Partners who can assist you with getting started with securing ownership, for less than $50 a year. Just as any big box retailer does, we will also market your products, goods and services. However, we do not wish to purchase your items wholesale. For a nominal fee your products can be listed everywhere the Power Through Peace & Unity Store is hosted.

Currently, there are five sites which host the Power Through Peace & Unity Store and as we connect with more Black Business Owners this number will only expand. By becoming a Selling Partner with the Power Through Peace & Unity Store you will never have to worry about pre-fulfillment of orders or wholesale haggling. Imagine your items everywhere our Cooperative Partners are with your company's branding and pricing being managed by you.

By partnering with us, you and your company will become a part of an active movement which prioritizes building tangible assets for our Own Community in the present, with sustainability for the future generations. We know how hard it can be to distribute your products alone. We know what it is like to be censored for our opinions, views and just because. As a result, we are building the foundation for the change we would like to see and hope we can do this standing shoulder to shoulder with you.