Forgive Me


The only thing promised in life is death; but, I was created to do something great.

Remarkable as I am, I forget not that which gave me the opportunity of purpose.

That being said ….FORGIVE me if I choose to SURVIVE!

Conscious Blindness


Nevermore am I apart of your version of anything

Nevermore am I apart of your description or depiction of anything

For how can you provide a vision of that which you have never seen

Invisible to you because you chose not to see me on purpose

On purpose I distinguish the riches from the worthless

Make no mind make no path

Take no time create more wrath

Nevermore will I understand your overbearing

Because I now stand leaning to my own Innerstanding

Make no mistake make no never mind your conscious blindness

Shall be your demise

Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus


For what is it to be a hero?

The stuff of legends and lore.

Woe!, a most sublime native who's life pales compared to Fame's whore.

A path trod; stumbled upon, of curses made and questions thrown at the sky.

O' heap of ashes; kindled days past gone, Footprints engraved on the backs of our cry.

More of a commitment than a inspiration,

More of the vein than the steady beat;

More of a desire and a declaration, a promise

of tomorrow through pain, victory, and defeat.

We are as silent as patience and more persistent than time.

We are as powerful as Love, our actions bordering on divine.

We are the past that shapes the present,

We are the present that tailors the Future.

We are as precious as a memory fading.

We are the many that represents the few of us.

We raise our glass to a a fate less desired and have faith in our direction less turned.

To gamble Life once or twice, we reap the spoils of past lessons learned.

We are a most ancient wisdom, there is no chorus to our song.

We're verse after verse of tribulations, we are the trails of the Sun.

A most burdensome responsibility, though it be one we shan't turn down.

For we are all men; in our own natures , frail and capable.

We cast our souls knowing we are Heaven bound.